Welcome to the SeaPiper blog!

SeaPiper 34 was born out of a desire to create something special: a compact seaworthy boat with very long range, with great safety features for boat and crew, and which offers a comfortable motion for the crew on board.

We have been working diligently on getting her design finalized and at this time we are in the last stretch of the design phase before committing to tooling. Starting from a napkin to the current design has been a long haul: Countless evenings were spent doing 3D modeling, going over calculations, doing research on the optimal hull shape for its intended use, creating it in CAD, and thinking through effective technical solutions to sometimes complex problems.

All through the design work we talked to many boat owners about how they use their vessels and what they would like to see in their next boat. We kept refining the design, talked to more people, until everything came together as you see it here: our new SeaPiper 34.

We will keep you updated on SeaPiper 34 news using this blog, and we hope you will enjoy reading about what is truly a remarkable vessel!


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