Seapiper 34 Motorsailer – Preliminary

We have been working on a motorsailing version of the Seapiper 34. The base Seapiper 34 already has a mast support under the cockpit that distributes the mast loads to the main support beams in the keel and we already incorporated structural support for chain plates and fore and aft stays.

The Seapiper 34 Motorsailer has a mast that is stepped on deck and will have stays with single spreaders. We are doing the design calculations now to get the exact right amount of sail area on the motorsailer. This type of setup will sail well with the wind aft of the beam, in other situations you will be motorsailing with the engine ticking over.

Note that the image provided is only preliminary. We have not designed the main boom yet, there are no stays and there are no spreaders, and we have not yet specified which type of furlers will be used for jib and main. The key is (again!) to keep the whole rig structurally simple with very easy sail handling which will make the boat pleasant to use under sail and will ensure an easy to maintain rig.

Based on feedback from the market we think the Seapiper 34 Motorsailer will be a very popular variant of the base Seapiper 34 Trawler.

More updates on the Motorsailer soon to follow on



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