Deck Boxes / Cockpit Seating and Boarding Ladder

SeaPiper 34 offers comfortable Cockpit Seating on Deck Boxes with comfortable seat cushions. These deck boxes offer great storage space on deck and are mounted to the cockpit sole using shallow deck sockets and separate feet made in 316 stainless steel. The feet have external tabs that lock behind corresponding tabs in the deck sockets if they are turned 90 degrees. They are stopped from rotating further by a pin which is pushed through both the foot as well as the sleeve it rotates in.

This locking mechanism is a simple and structurally strong solution that allows the Deck Boxes / Cockpit Seating units to be removed at will and also leave the boat owner feeling secure about the deck box mounts.

The boat comes with a Boarding Ladder that mounts into deck sockets right inside the Side Boarding Door opening and because it uses the same locking mechanism as the deck boxes it offers easy deployment and removal. The boarding ladder can also be installed on the Swim Step aft, again using the same deck sockets and locking pins. Updates with more detail images are soon to follow on the Main Gallery and the Center Cockpit pages.

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