SeaPiper with crew on board

Owners probably would not consistently be using SeaPiper with this many passengers and crew on board, but we felt the above image may be helpful to get a feel for the space with people in it. The stand ins you see in this image are all 5ft-9in (1.76m) tall which happens to be the average male size in the US. The picture gives a real sense of the headroom on board, engine access, galley space etc. You cannot see the helmsman since he/she would be to starboard, but the viewing height whether sitting or standing at the helm is the same as the people in the center cockpit have.

Note the guy (or gal) in front of the engine (normally you would keep the large cockpit hatch over his head open of course!). The headroom here is actually 39 inches, which enables great access to the engine from the front and sides which is far superior to what is the norm in boats her size. SeaPiper offers even more engine room access: in the salon there is another large 24″ x 30″ hatch that offers access behind the engine, exhaust system and shaft seal. Plus you’d probably use this hatch for routine inspections underway in bad weather.

Also note the headroom throughout the salon, galley and forecabin, seating height in the salon (note height of the windows) the height of the cockpit coamings and the height of the railings. It is also easy to see the steps into the forecabin, the two steps from the salon down into the galley and the two steps up to the aft deck.

We will create some more 3D renderings to show more of the interior with people on board and these will be given their own page on this website. Keep an eye on to stay updated on SeaPiper and her production.

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