SeaPiper #1 and #2 coming together

We are assembling SeaPiper #1 and #2 at this time. The main FRP parts for both boats have all been laid up, and after assembling these we will start laying up hull #3 while the outfitting and finishing is going on for #1 and #2. For me personally it is really exciting to see these first SeaPiper vessels coming together after all this time working on the design. As expected: #1 is turning out to be the most time consuming with lots of little tweaks being done which are translated into tooling changes ensuring that all the components for future boats will go together easily.

I am truly pleased with how the boat is turning out. Spending a tremendous amount of time fine tuning the design up front has paid off: This vessel is going to be strong and seaworthy, and offer well laid out and comfortable accommodations for its size.

Currently all the FRP tanks are being installed, the engine and shaft log is going into #1 and we are building the rudder systems which will be installed next. Once the interior is fixed in place permanently we will create the pilothouse to hull joint and install its roof top. The foredeck will then be joined to the hull and then final outfitting can begin.

Below are a few pictures of the build:








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