SeaPiper #1 launched

SeaPiper #1 was shipped from the shipyard and was safely launched in Southern California. We are extremely pleased with her performance and her finishes. The boat behaves wonderfully: crisp steering, great slow speed behavior, wonderful directional stability, and her roll behavior is very pleasant and she very much behaves like a much wider beamed vessel. The reason for this is the new hull design in combination with the ballasted hull and pretty heavy displacement, unusual for a powerboat this size.

A lot of thought has gone into her interior layout and it worked out as well: the interior is airy with lots of light, the galley is exceptional for a boat this size, and the forecabin has plenty of interior space with the interior volume in the head working out nicely as well. There is plenty of space everywhere and the mid cockpit is a comfortable space to be.

I am inserting a few images, and we will update most of the computer render image on the website now with real pictures as well showing off the beautiful interior finishes.

We have been doing extensive sea trials to find out exactly what our design offers regards to speed versus rpm. We’re seeing 4 knots at idle, 7 knots at 1,700 rpm and 9.3-9.5 knots at max. rpm. Fuel consumption at cruise is exceptionally low: under 1 gal/hr at 7 knots.

We have boats 2, 3 and 4 under construction already and we are looking forward to receiving these in a few months.








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