The History of SeaPiper

The first SeaPiper sketch was actually drawn on a napkin on a flight from Hawaii to California! I had been thinking about a new trawler design along North Sea trawler lines that would offer long range, a very large center cockpit, great access to the water through side doors and transom doors, great storage options for things like scuba gear and which would be equipped with simple but high quality systems. I found there was no such design out there so I started sketching.


Next came a long list with design requirements and initially a 32ft design was drawn completely in aluminum. But over time the realization set in that building the hull and superstructure in fiberglass would offer great flexibility in regards to the shapes that are possible and offer many advantages in regards to upkeep and overall appeal of the superstructure.


I introduced various Seabright skiff characteristics in the long keel single chine hull shape giving low draft overall, a low center of gravity, a very shallow prop shaft angle, good headroom and a flat bottom section that the boat will be able to sit on safely. Over time the design took shape, was lengthened to 35 feet and countless hours were spent pouring over design details, doing stability calculations, and optimizing the structure for manufacturing. The hull form was optimized for a speed range up to around 12 knots and a 85hp base engine engine was chosen which could drive a 23 inch prop pushing the boat to around 10.5 knots at WOT. She will also offer very seakindly behavior and extremely comfortable motion for her passengers, which is a trait that I value highly.


During every phase of the design I placed maximum emphasis on safety since SeaPiper is capable of covering such long distances. Therefore it had to be strong and safe, with excellent stability and reliable systems.


Great feedback from various people in the marine industry convinced me that I had a design here for which there would be a market. So with the intention of offering the SeaPiper 35 as a production boat SeaPiper was officially launched as a company in late 2014. Within the company we have assembled a small team of experts that will ensure SeaPiper 35 will be a very high quality vessel.


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I hope you will enjoy browsing the site and I look forward to answering any questions you may have.


Ritzo Muntinga
Carlsbad, California, November 2014