Deck Sockets and Locking Feet SeaPiper 34

Deck Boxes / Cockpit Seating and Boarding Ladder

SeaPiper 34 offers comfortable Cockpit Seating on Deck Boxes with comfortable seat cushions. These deck boxes offer great storage space on deck and are mounted to the cockpit sole using shallow deck sockets and separate feet made in 316 stainless steel. The feet have external tabs that lock behind corresponding tabs in the deck sockets if they are turned 90 degrees. They are stopped from rotating further by a pin which is pushed through both the foot as well as the sleeve it rotates in.

This locking mechanism is a simple and structurally strong solution that allows the Deck Boxes / Cockpit Seating units to be removed at will and also leave the boat owner feeling secure about the deck box mounts.

The boat comes with a Boarding Ladder that mounts into deck sockets right inside the Side Boarding Door opening and because it uses the same locking mechanism as the deck boxes it offers easy deployment and removal. The boarding ladder can also be installed on the Swim Step aft, again using the same deck sockets and locking pins. Updates with more detail images are soon to follow on the Main Gallery and the Center Cockpit pages.

We will continue to update the News Blog pages with SeaPiper 34 feature highlights and construction updates. People interested in the SeaPiper 34 Trawler please browse our extensive internet website on

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this new Trawler or if you are interested in becoming a SeaPiper 34 owner yourself.


Seapiper 34 Motorsailer preliminary

Seapiper 34 Motorsailer – Preliminary

We have been working on a motorsailing version of the Seapiper 34. The base Seapiper 34 already has a mast support under the cockpit that distributes the mast loads to the main support beams in the keel and we already incorporated structural support for chain plates and fore and aft stays.

The Seapiper 34 Motorsailer has a mast that is stepped on deck and will have stays with single spreaders. We are doing the design calculations now to get the exact right amount of sail area on the motorsailer. This type of setup will sail well with the wind aft of the beam, in other situations you will be motorsailing with the engine ticking over.

Note that the image provided is only preliminary. We have not designed the main boom yet, there are no stays and there are no spreaders, and we have not yet specified which type of furlers will be used for jib and main. The key is (again!) to keep the whole rig structurally simple with very easy sail handling which will make the boat pleasant to use under sail and will ensure an easy to maintain rig.

Based on feedback from the market we think the Seapiper 34 Motorsailer will be a very popular variant of the base Seapiper 34 Trawler.

More updates on the Motorsailer soon to follow on



Seapiper Facebook Page

We launched our Seapiper Facebook page today. Please have a look and LIKE us on Facebook!

We will start updating our Facebook page alongside the Seapiper website with news about tooling and production for the Seapiper 34.


Seapiper 35 - port front view

Refining design details

Over the past few weeks we have kept ourselves quite busy with refining various design features of the SeaPiper 34. Mundane but very important details such as door and hatch seals were finalized and added to the Bill of Materials. The goal has always been for our boat to be the very best in its class and therefore I feel that spending lots of time refining these details is time well spent.

Then we updated the website with various new images and also added an equipment list and pricing for the boat.

We developed this website to showcase the boat and as a tool to build a list of interested people and we are now seeing inquiries from all over the world. If you have any interest in this design please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer any question you may have and give you updates on the tooling and production timeline as it stands now.

And most importantly: we know that many of you will have ideas for features to incorporate. Please share these requests with us at this time so we can see about incorporating these into the design.


Seapiper 34 - open water picture

Welcome to the SeaPiper blog!

SeaPiper 34 was born out of a desire to create something special: a compact seaworthy boat with very long range, with great safety features for boat and crew, and which offers a comfortable motion for the crew on board.

We have been working diligently on getting her design finalized and at this time we are in the last stretch of the design phase before committing to tooling. Starting from a napkin to the current design has been a long haul: Countless evenings were spent doing 3D modeling, going over calculations, doing research on the optimal hull shape for its intended use, creating it in CAD, and thinking through effective technical solutions to sometimes complex problems.

All through the design work we talked to many boat owners about how they use their vessels and what they would like to see in their next boat. We kept refining the design, talked to more people, until everything came together as you see it here: our new SeaPiper 34.

We will keep you updated on SeaPiper 34 news using this blog, and we hope you will enjoy reading about what is truly a remarkable vessel!


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