SeaPiper Engine Choices

SeaPiper is offering two engines: The Betamarine BETA 85 and the Yanmar 4JH110.

The standard SeaPiper engine will be the Betamarine BETA 85. This new engine is based on the modern Kubota engine family and shares most of the core components and technology with these engines. Betamarine has a long history of marinizing Kubota engines and their engine power packages have an superb reputation for high reliability. Beta engines have been used for a long time in sailboat repowering worldwide.

The beauty of this engine is the unparalleled simplicity: there are no engine electronics at all. The engineers have been able to meet EPA Tier III requirements without the use of complex electronics: the BETA 85 is a 2800rpm direct injection diesel with turbo, heat exchanger, a mechanical line pump and a relatively heavy flywheel. As long as there is fuel this diesel engine will run, offering smooth operation and tremendous ease of maintenance. SeaPiper will offer about 10 knots of speed with this 85 hp engine.

Betamarine BETA 85 Engine

Betamarine BETA 85 Engine

We also offer SeaPiper with the new Yanmar 4JH110. This engine is a modern electronically controlled common rail diesel engine with rotary injection pump. Its engine block is completely aluminum and engine RPM is higher at 3200rpm with a power output of 110 hp, meeting EPA Tier III requirements. Yanmar has a long standing reputation offering highly reliable engine packages. The 4JH110 is incredibly smooth and quiet and will give SeaPiper a speed around 11 knots.

Both engines are equally good choices for SeaPiper, with a different usage in mind: for maximizing range, economy and ease of maintenance the Beta 85 will be a great choice. For maximizing speed, and silky smooth car engine like running the Yanmar 4JH110 comes out as an equally great choice.

Check out our SeaPiper Engine Choices page for more detailed information on both engines.

Yanmar 4JH110 engine

Yanmar 4JH110 engine


Seapiper 34 - view from starboard

Use Examples for SeaPiper 34

Cruise the Caribbean:

Go cruise the Caribbean. SeaPiper has fantastic range, offers comfortable motion, ample speed plus great space on deck as well as in the salon and galley. She will have a wonderful sun shade over the complete cockpit and superior ventilation throughout the interior, both in the forecabin as well as in the main salon. Her shallow draft allows true gunkholing in shallow waters. Her comfortable salon and cockpit allow for great entertaining options.


The Great Loop:

SeaPiper is perfect for doing the Great Loop. Her long range, great cockpit seating and comfortable pilothouse/salon combination are a real asset. She has a cockpit aft as well as the large center cockpit and therefore docking and mooring will be a snap, even single handed: walk out of the pilothouse and drop a line over the side.


Long Scuba Trips:

A great use of SeaPiper is for weeklong scuba trips. Her wonderful access to the water with those boarding ladders make this boat ideal. There is lots of space in the cockpit, and there is lots of space in the storage room under deck for scuba equipment: air tanks can be stored vertically, fins, wet suits, masks etc. You can stay on the boat all week if you equip her with a dive compressor.


Fishing off the Atlantic Coast:

Go fishing off the Atlantic Coast. SeaPiper offers plenty of cockpit area to make this very enjoyable with up to about 4 people. Remove one or both deck boxes to create more cockpit space and make this kind of use even more convenient. She has great range and will allow use very far out if need be.


Lobster and Crab fishing:

Use SeaPiper for small scale lobster or crab fishing: her side entry doors and open cockpit with the deck boxes removed allow for plenty of crab or lobster pots on deck and space to operate and it will be a lot of fun. Ideally mount a very short mast with lifting boom on the factory installed mast support and you can hoist pots with ease. With a bit of creativity the catch could be put in bins in the storage room under the cockpit.


Pacific Northwest:
Cruise the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest. SeaPiper is easy to maneuver, has wonderful directional stability, and is perfectly suited for this environment. Keep the sunshade/rain shade up to make use of the cockpit in any kind of weather. Her practical floorplan with large galley offers comfortable living and the separate forecabin gives a sense of privacy.


Travel to Bermuda:

Travel to Bermuda, which is easily within reach of SeaPiper. Her strong scantlings and four independent watertight compartments will offer great peace of mind on a longer passage like this one.


More uses for SeaPiper 34 to follow! Keep an eye on our News Blog for updates on the SeaPiper 34.

Seapiper 34 Motorsailer preliminary

Seapiper 34 Motorsailer – Preliminary

We have been working on a motorsailing version of the Seapiper 34. The base Seapiper 34 already has a mast support under the cockpit that distributes the mast loads to the main support beams in the keel and we already incorporated structural support for chain plates and fore and aft stays.

The Seapiper 34 Motorsailer has a mast that is stepped on deck and will have stays with single spreaders. We are doing the design calculations now to get the exact right amount of sail area on the motorsailer. This type of setup will sail well with the wind aft of the beam, in other situations you will be motorsailing with the engine ticking over.

Note that the image provided is only preliminary. We have not designed the main boom yet, there are no stays and there are no spreaders, and we have not yet specified which type of furlers will be used for jib and main. The key is (again!) to keep the whole rig structurally simple with very easy sail handling which will make the boat pleasant to use under sail and will ensure an easy to maintain rig.

Based on feedback from the market we think the Seapiper 34 Motorsailer will be a very popular variant of the base Seapiper 34 Trawler.

More updates on the Motorsailer soon to follow on