SeaPiper Engine


The Betamarine Beta 85 has been chosen to be the standard engine for SeaPiper. This engine has solid roots as it is a modern Kubota diesel engine and is equipped with a turbo charger to help meet US EPA Tier III requirements and improve fuel efficiency. The Beta 85 with 85hp at 2,800 rpm is a lower RPM engine with relatively high flywheel mass and it is exceptionally quiet. It is a completely mechanically controlled engine: it has NO electronic control systems and will run as long as there is fuel available and a battery to start her. This can be a key consideration when cruising to far away places and one of the key reasons why we chose this engine as the standard SeaPiper engine.



Betamarine Beta 85 features:

• 85hp at 2,800rpm offers a little over 10 knots max speed.
• Twindisc TM93 hydraulic transmission for smooth operation (1:2.77)
• 70A alternator standard
• Heavy Duty Cast Iron block
• Exceptionally quiet & vibration free operation
• Mechanical inline pump fuel injection system
• NO engine electronics, this engine is completely mechanically controlled (!)
• Meets US EPA Tier III requirements

(Graph based on fuel BS 2869, Class A2, Cetane number 46)