Engine Room



The main access to the engine room is from the cockpit deck through a 28in by 38in hinged and sealed hatch that is gas spring assisted. This hatch allows you to step into the area in front of the engine where the space offers wonderful access to the engine, fuel filters as well as the main intake seacock and sea strainer.
Important to note is that everything engine and fuel related is confined between the heavy watertight forward and aft bulkheads of the engine room. So fuel tanks, filters, the complete exhaust system, water intake seacock, main shaft seal are all located here. This is an important safety aspect of the layout.


Flanking the engine to port and starboard are longitudinal bulkheads behind which are located two wing FRP fuel tanks. These bulkheads further adding to the structure and safety of the vessel. The space between the engine and the bulkhead is in excess of 18 inches on each side which will make engine inspections easy, and truly simplifies maintenance chores.


Inside the salon is a second access hatch which allows access to the engine, the exhaust system, transmission, main shaft seal and water heater. This hatch is also hinged and gas spring assisted. When underway in bad weather engine room inspections can be done by using the interior access hatch instead.


The exhaust is through a waterlift muffler with an exit to port. This setup is simple, prevents siphoning and also keeps the exhaust completely out of the boat interior.


Engine room ventilation is provided by oversized intakes close to the boat centerline, and these vents have dorade-boxes built in to prevent water ingress. This ventilation solution will keep the engine supplied with ample fresh air and will keep engine room temperatures low.


Engine Room Features

• Sealed interior and exterior access hatches
• Large work area in front of engine
• Great access to engine making servicing and checks easy
• Well thought out fuel plumbing
• Engine access from salon interior hatch
• Simple but high quality systems